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Why Support Local?

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Having come through one of the toughest trading period for decades, it’s really important to get behind and support our local businesses.

With such amazing choices around our local area, and new exciting businesses cropping up all the time, there are plenty of local businesses to support for every occasion or need.

But why support local?

Local businesses are run by local people, those people have poured their heart and soul into their business, therefore with every purchase you make you are personally helping out someone local to you. People running local businesses are also likely to give back to their communities, so not only are you support people local to your area, but your community too! At STONES we are all about our local community and will do our best to inspire and educate the local area of the amazing choices that surround us.

Whether you are shopping, eating, drinking, local businesses can provide a unique experiences too, where they will potentially have a different range of offerings vs the super giants.

When looking at the diversity of businesses in our area, this is truly a wonderful reflection of the diversity of people that surround us and what makes it feel like home.

Another excellent reason to shop local is to help support the environment. The packaging, transport and more involved in delivery all negatively impacts our planet and with next day delivery becoming so quick, it’s easy to make a few clicks and have what you need in 24 hours.

However, our challenge to our STONES community is to think before clicking the checkout button. Can you get what you need locally? We know it’s not always possible, but when it is, consider supporting a local business owner instead!