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Stones Winter Photography Competition

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Win a Brunch for 2, plus your photo to be displayed in Kooky Nohmad.

Stones Magazine is delighted to extend a warm invitation to all photography enthusiasts to participate in our winter photography competition, with a delightful twist – the winners’ works will be featured in the renowned and charming Kooky Nohmad Coffeehouse.

This competition is a celebration of the art of photography, welcoming photographers of all levels, from seasoned professionals to passionate amateurs, to embark on a creative journey that explores the essence of winter in the local area. Whether you’re a local resident capturing the everyday beauty of winter or an intrigued visitor capturing its charm, this contest is your opportunity to unveil the hidden treasures that winter bestows upon our surroundings.

We encourage you to embrace the captivating, cold-weather magic that shapes our environment, and use your camera to reveal the unique, awe-inspiring facets of the local area in winter. Through your lens, you can freeze these ephemeral moments and present the beauty of the season for all to admire.

By participating in this competition, you not only stand a chance to showcase your talent but also the possibility to have your winning entries displayed at the beloved Kooky Nohmad Coffeehouse. Imagine your work adorning the walls, where coffee lovers and art enthusiasts gather to celebrate creativity and community.

All entries to be sent to 

Competition closes Jan 8th 2024.